Little Bay

Studio Sesssions (12/27/2016)

at Parkside Studio


2nd Set (08/26/2018)

at Mosrite Cafe


2nd Set (12/16/2018)

at Mosrite Cafe


2nd Set (06/18/2017)

at Mosrite Cafe

Everything Is Connected

1st Set (04/22/2018)

at Mosrite Cafe

Oryza Sativa




Well, I turned left just like you told me to. I get excited by the moves you do. I'm on a mission and I'm gonna get away. Well I saw her standing all colored in red. I felt the blues just by the things she said. I want my mission so I can escape today. God knows - I ain't sleeping but I want my line. God knows - I ain't happy so I want it bad tonight. Oh brother can you help me out. 

Magic Mountain

2nd Live (05/29/2016)

at Cafe De J'aime

Twilight In LA

Scratch Festival (09/18/2016)

at Kobe Harbor Studio